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Once you have decided to take on a remodeling project, remember the company you choose will be permanently altering your most important investment: your home. Remodeling is one decision that requires you to look beyond the lowest price and consider the reputation and reliability of the company providing the services. Whatever stage you are at in the remodeling process, W. D. Pressley, Inc. General Contracting is here to see that the job gets done to your satisfaction all along the way from conception to construction to completion.



Kitchen Remodeling

More than ever, the kitchen is the central headquarters for the family. Originally serving only a utilitarian purpose, it is often the showplace of the home. Today's kitchens are required to function well for a wider variety of tasks than ever before. A well-equipped, beautifully dressed kitchen provides both a sense of well-being and a favorite place in the home.

W. D. Pressley, Inc. General Contracting offers major brand names in kitchen appliances, cabinets, countertops, floors, windows, faucets, sinks, light fixtures, skylights, patio doors, paint and other kitchen remodeling products.